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Slow printing of some forms from MYOB using TS2008 - Solved.

posted 9 Aug 2011, 17:29 by Colin Manning
A client reported that printing a quote from MYOB was taking a long time to print.

On investigation I found that quotes were taking 50 seconds per page to print, but choosing to print it as an invoice was only taking 8 seconds per page.

I thought that it may be due to images in the form, so I checked - the quote.frm file was 8KB, and the invoice.frm was 23KB - the larger file printing quicker!

MYOB suggested timing one of their plane paper forms, which also took 50 seconds per page.
MYOB then suggested moving were overlapping fields on the quote.frm

At this stage I moved from the clients computer to my computer, and a different printer (an Officejet). The quotes printed in a timely manner on this printer. Tested on a second laser printer - slow. Hmmm... something to do with (at least) Kyocera laser printers....

In an act of desperation, I copied the quote.frm and then started removing elements from the form. I removed all of the form fields - no difference. I removed the text from the top half of the quote - no difference. I removed all of the vertical lines in the quote - success!!

I then re-created the quote.frm without most of the vertical lines (which the invoice does not have either) and all worked well.

Now, the vertical lines did make the quote look nice and professional, but not worth the sacrifice of the speed.